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Fans were stunned when the star headed off the plane early along with her assistant, with an onlooker saying she attempted to fly on the plane unnoticed. Staying true to brand, this quirky design features a sheer 40s silhouette with appliques of pin-up girls, creating a vibrant and contemporary spin.An onlooker said: 'I noticed all this Louis Vuitton luggage being carried past me down the aisle too. The singer flashes her black lace bra and adds coloured necklaces to make this look her own.He had an amazing toned body, which he showed off wearing just some jeans and a pair of boxer briefs underneath. Ryan looked around for a while, hoping to find a way out of it, until eventually taking off his top, jeans and socks, leaving him in just his white Calvin Kleins. Reiss stopped laughing, looked around before giving in. After a while, there he was infront of us, with only a piece of fruit hiding his cock, which I longed to see.

The unveiling of the images comes days after the Michigan native snapped a series of self portraits, which she later posted to her Instagram account. 'Madonna has been living in Portugal's capital city Lisbon since the summer, along with her four youngest children: David Banda, 11, Mercy James, 11, and four-year-old twins Esther and Stella.

I edged around Reiss to head into the living room, Reiss followed me in. I pulled my top over my head and unzipped my jeans leaving me in my socks and yellow boxer briefs.

I dropped my bag on the floor next to the sofa and watched Reiss as he sat down next to me, he was slightly shorter than me, and very tanned. I quickly pulled off my socks and then looked up at Ryan and Reiss. ' They both said, I gave them a look, before placing my hand over my bulge and with the other hand pulling them down to my ankles.

When Madonna unveiled the video, she was met with religious protests and condemnation from the Catholic church for her use of Christian symbols such as stigmata, as well as burning crosses and her portrayal of seducing a saint.

The song, whose lyrics were largely accepted by critics to be an innuendo-riddled blend of the religious and the profane, went on to top the charts internationally, spending three weeks at number one in both the US and the UK.

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