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(NT) -- Enigma, Monday, December 18, am (No Host/ Is this not just a case of Chinese Whispers?Joka says "I expect to have deals in place at the start of the window rather than at the end of the window" as a message to the club about the timing of signings, commentator either misunderstands or twists it and says "Jokanovic has a couple of deals lined up for the start of the window".In a sense, having the second half of the season a non-event removes the scope for either him or the ownership to chicken out of deciding whether they want to extend beyond May.It will be hard to kid themselves there are conditionalities.[ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: I heard that too - was hoping someone would post about it. (NT) -- EDM, Sunday, December 17, pm (mobile-166-137-139-090.mycingular.net/ Re: Commentator on the game yesterday said that... By the opening of the window will be deemed out of contention by our owner., Sunday, December 17, pm (No Host/ The cognoscenti always tell us its impossible to do deals early..assuming that Khan will spend (which I certainly wouldn’t count on) (NT) -- Wayne Kerrins, Sunday, December 17, pm (host213-121-193-248.net/ I am not sure what to make of the words.Does it mean Slav has them lined up but awaiting Tony Khan's agreement or does 'to go'' mean that they are done and dusted just awaiting announcement within the window?(NT) -- MF, Monday, December 18, am (No Host/88.2) messages---- "send reinforcements we are going to advance" ends up as "send 3 or 4pence we are going to a dance " (NT) -- stormy weather, Monday, December 18, am (bcdef322.skybroadband.com/ The manager -- woodman, Sunday, December 17, pm (82-132-225-4102.net/ Opinions clearly split - twitter spinning off in both directions.

[ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Always other fish in the sea, for both parties.

Based on zero inside knowledge in my case, I also had the impression that SJ liked the idea of settling down here for a fair while, and that the location and nature of the club has a lot going for it as far as he's concerned, while Khan won't be keen to undergo all the hassle of manager-search again. (NT) -- b w g., Sunday, December 17, pm (bn-proxy4a.ealing.net/ Excellent post. We can all see that we are desparate for new players and which positions they are but will anything happen ?

Normally not much does and that might force Slav's hand.

(NT) -- White Walker, Monday, December 18, am (host-83-217-175-223dsl.vispa.com/ Commentator on the game yesterday said that...

-- c, Sunday, December 17, pm (31-4-178-79.red-acceso.airtel.net/ Jokanovic already has "two or three deals ready to go" as soon as the transfer window opens... Grabban and Mings I reckon, heard something about Che Adams too.

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