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Bit Torrent is one of those file-sharing technologies that I've heard about but never really understood.To remedy that, I got a review copy of Bit Torrent For Dummies by Susannah Gardner and Kris general in the dark about anything remotely related to Peer-to-Peer for more than three years.

Contents: Part 1 - Getting Started with Bit Torrent: Cluing In to Bit Torrent; Downloading Bit Torrent Files; Playing Bit Torrent Files Part 2 - Managing Bit Torrent Content: Finding Bit Torrent Content; Storing Bit Torrent Content; Understanding Bit Torrent and the Law Part 3 - Creating Bit Torrent Content: Creating Audio Files; Shooting Digital Video; Capturing and Editing Digital Video Part 4 - Delivering Bit Torrent Content: Making and Tracking Torrents; Seeding Your Torrents; Promoting Your Torrents Part 5 - Getting More Out Of Bit Torrent: Hunting for Additional Content; Protecting Your Content; Using Bit Torrent in Organizations Part 6 - The Part of Tens: Ten (Or So) Common File Formats for Sharing Your Content; Ten (Or So) Things You Can Do To Stay Safe From Viruses; Ten Fun Bit Torrent Downloads Index Now the first thing that comes to mind when discussing peer-to-peer software for file sharing is the illegal downloading of copyrighted software.That won't stop people from using it to get the latest Madonna single or video, but you've been warned.After that's out of the way, they explain how Bit Torrent works and how your behavior when using the software affects all other users.The etiquette is that if you download a file, that you should keep your client connected to the net. Which is probably how you were able to quickly get the file in the first place.While the book advises that you should not download copyrighted material like movies, one has to wonder how many readers will actually desist.

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