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While the objective of Siri is largely to deliver information, her ability to communicate with users is the result of decades of experimentation with natural language programs, specifically designed to carry on a conversation with a human and probe the possibilities of artificial intelligence.And, though the chatbot with whom Jonze interacted was “not a him or her,” many early chatbots have similarly been cast as female characters.Theodore Twombly (Phoenix), recently divorced and disillusioned, purchases an advanced operating system named Samantha (voiced by Johansson) to help organize his life and perform a number of tasks, like reading and sending email and proofreading the letters he writes at his job.The two eventually begin a relationship and engage in normal couple activities, like double dates (though they look nothing like the traditional dinner and a movie, but rather like three people and a talking i Phone at a picnic).

“We looked at what was happening in our culture today, and what we see is this kind of digital divide, almost like an intimacy chasm,” Brian Dunham said. ), the program aims to normalize the role of technology in all aspects of one’s sex life.

For a reminder of what that looks like, just add Spike Jonze’s visionary film “Her” to your Netflix queue.

The futuristic love story, charting the ill-fated relationship between a man and a “Siri”-like entity, doesn’t reveal the year in which it takes place — but “it’s not far away,” Berman said ruefully. Like how future generations, the true “digital natives,” might redefine the role of technology in sexuality.

Though this seems to be the first operating system of its kind, few people in the film seem surprised by Theodore and Samantha’s relationship.isn’t the first film to depict a relationship between a man and an object.

Nor is it the first to characterize a sweet, subservient artificial intelligence bot as female: Computer science and pop culture actually have a long history of casting artificial intelligence programs, which are necessarily servile and obedient, in caretaking, supportive, traditionally feminine roles.

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