Consolidating 100 owned subsidiary

Provide specific examples to support your response.

• Develop a short list (3-4 items) of best practices based on your analysis above that any organization could apply when putting a work team or group together.

Week 9 DQ 2 Management Succession and Risk Management Strategies Please respond to the following: • Assume you are the owner of a small business with which you are familiar.

Outline the basics of a management succession plan for passing the business on to the individual of your choice.

• Determine how the size, technology, and mission of your organization impacts organizational design and structure, as well as how these characteristics directly affect you.The scalable and unified Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX100 S4 delivers enterprise-class functionality to small and medium-sized companies and subsidiaries with an excellent price/performance ratio.It is the perfect solution when consolidating data for server virtualization, e-mail, databases and business applications as well as centralized file services.Week 6 DQ 1 “Power and Political Behavior” Please respond to the following: • Assess the most powerful person you know and what it is that makes the person powerful.• Considering your current (or future) employer, determine the best approach management could take toward empowering employees.

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